Naruto is about a boy named Naruto Uzumaki. He has a nine -tailed fox sealed in side of him, by the fourth Hokage. The Hokage is someone who everyone looks up too, and he/she is the greatest ninja in that village. Naruto wants to be Hokage someday, because he wants people to stop disrespecting him and to start treating him like he is somebody, SOMEBODY IMPORTANT. He failed the graduation exam twice, so he was in a class with people 2 years younger then him. Naruto is part of the Leaf Village. (Konoha)

He teacher, Iruka, failed him again because he couldn't do a simple transformation jutsu. Mizuki Sensei, another teacher who actually thought that Naruto should pass, sort of brainwashed him into saying that he should steal a forbidden jutsu scroll, and by reading that, he could graduate. So obviously he listened. but Mizuki really wanted it for himself. When the Third Hokage, (Sarutobi) found out that Naruto was the one who stole the forbidden jutsu scroll, he had to stop him. He sent many jonin and chunin to go and get it back from him. One of them was Iruka. Iruka found Naruto, with Mizuki, and told him not to give him the scroll. Mizuki told him to give it to him. Mizuki threw shuriken. aiming for Iruka, but Naruto stood up for him and the really huge shuriken went through Naruto's back. Naruto made a lot of Shadow Clones which showed Iruka that he was ready to graduate.

After that Naruto returned the forbidden jutsu scroll to the Third Hokage and Iruka treated Naruto too some Ichiraku Ramen! (Naruto's favorite restaraunt) He finally gave Naruto his Leaf Headband. Naruto graduated the next day. The story goes on from there. He has many missions ahead of him....