After 2 years, Naruto and Jiraiya come back from their training across the many places around different villages. When he comes back, Sakura is a chunin, Shikamaru is a chunin, still like before he left, Ino is a chunin, Choji is a chunin, Rock Lee is a chunin, TenTen is a chunin, Kiba and Akamaru are chunin aswell as Shino and the others. But Neji and Hinata are jounin! Naruto feels weird because he is the only Genin left. Konohamaru and the others are catching up to him. He still has to save Sasuke from Orochimaru, and he has to stop the Akatsuki! He has trained very hard, and has learned a new technique called the Rasen - Shuriken. Its really strong, but he shouldn't use it because after more than one blow, he is stuck in the hospital for weeks. A new Anbu named Sai has joined Team Kakashi, in replacement for Sasuke. Another Anbu, Yamato, has joined Team Kakashi, because he is the only one who can control Naruto when the demon cloak takes over him. He is the only one who can stop him. The story goes on from there on all the missions, and how soon Naruto will defeat the Akatsuki and get Sasuke back.